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Body Scan Meditation - 10 Minutes
Breath Count - 5 Minutes

This 10-min meditation is great for a quick break from our busy lives to check in with our body and reduce stress, tension and anxiety.

This 5-min breathing exercise activates your parasympathetic nervous system - your rest and recovery mode - and can be used to reduce anxiety and enhance calm.

Breath Observation - 7 Minutes

This 7-min breath observation let's you take some time out of your day to observe the rhythm of your body, free from stress and external pressures. Leave feeling refreshed.

Creating a Container - 10 Minutes

This emotion regulation exercise can support healthy compartmentalization. Practicing this will give you increasing confidence in shifting your feelings and gaining greater control over intrusive thoughts.

Inner Child - 10 Minutes

This visualization is aimed to help you connect with your inner child. Regulate your emotions by acknowledging your feelings and identifying your core needs. Heal childhood wounds by listening to your child part and meeting these needs. 

Safe Space - 10 Minutes

This visualization can enhance your ability to self-soothe and bring your body and mind into a calm, safe state. Use all your 5 senses to immerse yourself into this calming visualization. Leaves you feeling positive and refreshed.

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